CCG started in a dorm room with two guys from Jersey who just wanted to help others save money. Our story started with reusable bottles. We had a ton of them and all varieties and could never find an easy, convenient, or safe way to clean them. Tired of wasting money, we developed our first product as an effective way to clean anywhere and soak away smells in hard-to-clean bottles. After realizing the product we created had the potential to help a lot more people, we expanded and are constantly working to develop better, safer, and more effective cleaning products for busy people and families.


Mike Wasyl



Derick Hughes

(Pupper - Penny)

Who We Work With

We strive to work with only the most transparent and sustainability-friendly domestic co-manufacturers. We source constituents for our formulations as sustainably as possible and refuse to cut corners. Our partners are cGMP, CCOF, FDA, and USDA certified and bring years of experience working with companies big and small to deliver everything from test runs to full on mass production. 


Partners and Affiliates