Our Promise

We created our first line of cleaning products because we could not find a safe, convenient solution that still worked well. We promise to use the best and safest ingredients sourced sustainably whenever possible. We are working towards complete transparency in our supply chain and are always open to innovative suggestions to better inform our customers. 

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Some things just work. Many cleaning products available for the home are under-concentrated, over-fragranced, and overpriced. While we are a relatively new company, we are lifetime consumers. We know that products that work stick around. We work with great formulation teams to develop simple, effective solutions that are not only powerful, but safe and environmentally friendly. 


OUr Commitment to you

We strive to be a "no brainer" for you. We will be working with the Natural Products Association for certifications on all of our products to demonstrate our commitment to reduce our footprint as we grow. 


no artificial fragrances, DYES, OR COLORS

Heavy fragrance only covers up odors. We are focused on the chemistry and create products that have active, effective, and proven ingredients that zap odors at their source.