Private Label and Consulting


Bringing Innovation to the private label space. Your brand, our development. 

With years of business and product development, our team has the formulation, design, co-manufacturing, logistics, and retail experience to provide private label and advisory solutions for your cleaning brand. Whether you are looking for a full private label solution or consultation, let Clean Concepts Group be your co-innovator.


Stick Pack Packaging
Natural Cleaning Products
Custom Packaging
Sustainable Packaging
Water Soluble Films/Pouches
Domestic Co-Manufacturing
Design and Prototyping
Third Party QC Testing



Private Label Programs

We see innovation-focused private label programs as the next frontier in retail. While private label brands have delivered value for years, we are aligned to help retailers deliver more selection and relevancy with less risk. We collaborate with our network and your team to manage the creation of products aligning with growing consumer demand for affordable, relevant, and high value store brands. 

Single Use And Stick Pack


Clean Concepts Group has a finely tuned network of formulation labs and co-manufacturers set up for single use, PVA, and stick-pack projects for applications from boutique detergents to personal care.  Working with our partners, we can help bring your brand's product from idea to full-scale production.

We have spent years building relationships, sourcing, and working out the kinks with our partners so you don't have to. Drop us a line and see how we can work together. All communication is confidential. 


Advisory Services